Welcome to Komar University of Science and Technology Library. We are here to serve our students, faculty and staff. We are serving programs of learning and research in many areas, also we provide a multitude of resources, both print based and electronic books, as well as to offer full information about our current services.  Feedback from our staff, faculty and students always is respected.  If you have questions visit Contact us page for a variety of options concerning how to reach us. 

The Komar University Science and Technology Library plays a key role in the academic team charged with delivering the teaching and learning, by providing services that are efficient, flexible and able to respond promptly and effectively to the needs of students and staff/faculty member of the University. The policy describes the general principles on which the Library acquires, manages and distribute the information resources and provides a framework for more detailed policies at the university level. This document is intended to clarify the policy for the benefit of library, academic and other staff, students and other users at KUST.

To provide facilities with sufficient space for study and use of information resources in an atmosphere which is conducive to study and research.