Computer policy

The KUST Library makes Internet resources accessible to all students. The Staff of the KUST Library helps students navigate identify and access resources on the Internet. The staff reviews and recommends good sources of information on the Internet in order to assist students. When a computer session   ends, all information about that session is normally deleted. The Library does not, as part of its regular practice, retrieve any information, including websites visited, or any other information a student has entered. At the end of the work day, all computer use and reservation records are regularly erased.

Students’ Responsibility

In order to ensure a positive library experience for everyone, the library requires that all students will:

a)      Use computers only for educational purposes.

b)      Refrain from viewing pornographic visual material or content that by contemporary community standards would be considered obscene.

c)       Observe the established computer time limits.

d)      Respect the security of the network.

e)      Respect the configuration of computer equipment at the Library. Downloading or installing nonstandard software.

f)       Programs installation is prohibited.