Library Policy

1.      Introduction

The Komar University Science and Technology Library plays a key role in the academic team charged with delivering the teaching and learning, by providing services that are efficient, flexible and able to respond promptly and effectively to the needs of students and staff/faculty member of the University. The policy describes the general principles on which the Library acquires, manages and distribute the information resources and provides a framework for more detailed policies at the university level. This document is intended to clarify the policy for the benefit of library, academic and other staff, students and other users at KUST.

2.      Objectives

The objectives of the Library Policy are as follows:

(a)    To provide facilities with sufficient space for study and use of information resources in an atmosphere which is conducive to study and research.

(b)   To provide and organized and readily accessible collection of information resources.


3.      Scope

This policy should be applied in Library Collection Development and Library Use and Information Services. It covers on core processes and non-core processes within library operations.


4.      Terms and Definitions

The following terms are used in this Policy with the meanings specified:


Conservation - means the various measures taken for the protection, preservation and necessary repair of library material.


Library materials and equipment - means any form of printed, graphic, audio, electronic (PCs and Laptops) or other media, on or in which information is written, recorded, stored, displayed or produced. It includes books, periodicals bound and unbound, pamphlets, microfiche, microfilm, slides, films, film strips, audio tapes, video tapes, photographs, index, cards, manuscripts, prints, audio-visual equipment, computer equipment and software, typewriters, calculators, Online Resources and any other materials, equipment or resources that is/are owned by, licensed to or in the possession or under the care, custody or control of, the Library or (if for a purpose of the Library) by, to or of the University.


 Librarian - means the person from time to time appointed as University Librarian.



5.      Policy statement and explanations

The policy statement of the library is to support for the curricula and research needs of colleges and students at KUST. It helps student and faculty members to achieve success for lifelong learning by providing and organized and readily accessible of information resources. The policy includes the process and procedure of the collection development and information services.

6.      Collection Development

Suggestion for books and other materials to be added to the library’s collection are welcomed. Faculty members recommending materials in their subject fields should submit request directly to the library committee through chairperson or admin. After considering Faculty input, the library committee submits their order for the next process of purchasing materials. The details of the process and procedure for the collection development can be viewed from the chairperson or academic committee.