1. Borrowing

a)      To borrow provide your KUST ID, and present the martial you wish to borrow to the staff desk.

b)      The user is only allowed to borrow by using his/her own ID, not other students or instructors.

c)       Some references are restricted to in-library use only such as (dictionaries, theses, magazines and research).

d)      Users are responsible for any damage to the borrowed resource.

e)      In case of a lost borrowed reference by the borrower, the user should obtain a replacement of the resource of the same edition (year of edition, and publication edition) Otherwise, folded fines amounting the book price must be paid.

The limitation (maximum) of borrowing as follow:

                                             i.            Students: 3 books and  2 DVDs, loan period 1 week.

                                           ii.            Staff: 3 books and  3 DVDs, loan period 1 month.

                                          iii.            Faculty: 6-9 books and 6 DVDs, loan period 4 months.

                                         iv.            Text books and references are loaned for one day only.


2. Renewal 

a)      KUST users are entitled to renew the item on loan. However, any overdue   book will impact the student’s accessibility to other resources in the future.

b)      Most items are allowed 2 renewals. The length of the renewal is the same as the original check out period.

c)       You can renew by email or phone, Renewals are not allowed if accumulated fines are over 10$, or if the maximum number (2) of renewals are used up.

3. Returning materials

 Library material may be returned to Librarian at the circulation desk only.

4. Overdue item and Fines 

We apply certain fees that encourage appropriate use of our materials so that once returned, the items may be borrowed by others without delay.

•             The library charges 2$ per day, per overdue item.

•             If your fines are over 10$, you will not be allowed to borrow more items until you have paid.

•             Pay your overdue fines at the staff desk. The library staff will give you a recipe for your payment.

•             Unpaid fees and fines will be reported to the KUST finance department. Thus this will prevent a student from registering for classes from graduating until the fine is paid for.