KUST library establish with university departments to establish in effective processes that will brighter the future of the university. So the library enhances services and creates an environment that broadens the readers (students, Faculty and staff) through easier access and new technology by balancing library usage to maintain the best quality of learning and knowledge development.


The KUST library is committed to effectively contributing to accelerating the processes of learning, teaching, and research by collaboratively providing the require resources in different fields of science.

In order to fulfill our mission the library commits to:

  • participating in enhancing students, abilities and skills.
  • helping students in spending their free time productively.
  • providing the require books in a timely manner .
  • encouraging students ¬†desire to read, by providing them with updated textbooks, publications and other resources.
  • organizing book fairs and seminars.
  • working towards providing ¬†electronic library in the foreseeable future.